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Wall of text you most likely don’t care about.

Tomorrow we go to pick my stepson up from the airport. I really hope nothing happens on the plane to scare him, he’s only seven and is flying up from Florida on his own. If he were my kid that would NEVER happen, but as step mom I have no control over what happens on his mom’s end and not much on what happens up here either. A flight attendant will sit with him the whole time, but that’s no better than leaving your child with a stranger, as he/she could be a child molester for all I know. As for the actual visit, I have slightly mixed emotions. Overall, I’m very glad he’s coming. He is a sweet kid and he is one of the few things that really makes my husband happy. On the other hand, I’m 20 years old and have actively avoided having any kids of my own for a reason. I like kids for about 20 minutes, and then it’s time for them to go back to mom. Super Dad is taking Monday and Tuesday off to spend with little man, and then it’s up to me to keep him until he goes home in August, and I don’t feel like this is fair to anyone involved. J didn’t pay for Ashden’s ticket to barely see him, Ashden isn’t coming here to spend time with me. He doesn’t even like me most of the time, unless he wants something, and I haven’t actively avoided having kids to end up with the responsibility of caring for one. I’m certainly glad he’s going to be here. I definitely love him and miss him when he’s not here. I just make a much better “Aunt” than “Mom”

I’m going to spend my birthday taking my nana to the doctor, most likely early in the morning. Then I’m going to pick Ashden up from his grandma’s. Take care of him, try to take a nap that won’t happen because he can’t entertain himself that long, and really I shouldn’t expect him to. Then I’m going to drop him back off at grandma Karen’s (even though he would rather go to Nonna’s A.K.A my mom’s) and go into work at 5, get off at 9ish and hope to have a good time with friends after that. Probably won’t see my husband more than 10 minutes the whole day. I was going to take Ashden to have lunch with his dad at work but because nana can’t get her shit together I probably won’t be able to. Get some booze, and a tattoo. Maybe ride around Clarksville and get trashed. I don’t do bars or clubs so I’ll be having frilly drinks at whatever restaurant is open. Probably won’t get a tattoo after all because it will likely be too late and the shops typically close at mid-night. Be home before J leaves for work.

New piercing seems to be scarring. Sad face. Anyone know a good way to take care of it?

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  1. birdcagedreams answered: Try taking zinc tabets for the scarring piercing? :) /vanishes
  2. fat-moonkin answered: It’s nice that you care so much about your step son :D i know some of my friends really find that role hard as well
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